Green Initiatives

We have taken several steps to increase the share of sustainable energy in the operations, whilst ensuring a safe and healthy work environment as well as local environment.

Various Initiatives-

Reducing carbon footprints by utilising Flue Gas

○ The Flue gas produced from the DRI facility is processed in the Waste Heat Recovery Boiler to get around 50 % of the steam needed to generate electricity in the Captive Power Plant (CPP). It has helped bring down CPP’s coal requirement to half, thus reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Solar Power Plant

○ A 1 MW Solar Plant has been set up at Tankajoda, Sundargarh, under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) to increase dependency on sustainable energy sources.

Water Harvesting

○ Water is precious and depleting ground water across the globe has made us to rethink our water consumption and hence, we actively invested in setting up a water harvesting facility at the plant to harvest the rainwater to replenish the water table and cater to a fraction of our needs

Energy Efficient transformers and IE4 Motors

○ SMFA has installed IE4 motors as standard across the plant along with upgradation of the transformers to help increase energy efficiency and lower our net power consumption

Brick manufacturing using Fly Ash

○ The fly ash produced in the thermal power plant is utilized to make high quality bricks. This helps in proper waste management and contributes a part in the revenue generation also caters to in-house requirement of bricks

Community Services