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The pelletization process uses a method of agglomeration, or particle size enlargement, in which material fines are processed into pellets or granules. It helps transform the powdered ores and fines into pellets, which are easier to manage. In recent times, pelletization has been widely used for mass and energy densification of biomass to overcome the problems associated with raw material use.

The pellet plant is backed with a beneficiation plant to utilise the low-grade iron ore fines and convert them into a value-added product. It produces both blast furnace and DRI grade pellets and requires around a million tons of iron ore fines annually to meet its production target with a high utilisation rate of 90-95%.

SMFA is catering to a vast number of quality-focused customer base. Various industry leaders source their pellet requirements from us.

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MS Billets are semi-finished casting products produced in a steel mill, acting as an intermediate for various finished goods like TMT bar, rod, wire, pipe and other cross-sectional structures. Billets are long bars, usually square or rectangular in cross-section, created directly by the continuous casting process.
Billets are manufactured using a continuous casting process, solidifying the molten metal. It is a lower-cost production technique to get better quality metals. This process is used most frequently to cast steel.
We at Shri Mahavir Ferro Alloys produce 6 sizes of Mild Steel Billets-
• 100 X 100 mm
• 125 X 125 mm
• 130 X 130 mm
• 150 X 150 mm
• 160 X 160 mm
• 200 X 200 mm

Essential features of our product include high tensile strength, dimensional precision, high temperature and pressure tolerance Our production undergoes stringent checks for Quality assurance and control, ensuring that the products comply with IS 2830 & 2831.

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Sponge Iron

Direct reduced iron (DRI), or the sponge iron, is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore (in the form of lumps, pellets, or fines) into iron by a reducing gas or elemental carbon produced from natural gas or coal. The process of sponge iron making aims to remove the oxygen from iron ore or pellets. It is primarily used in making steel through a secondary route.

The plant has three 100 TPD DRI Plants with an installed capacity of (0.1 MTPA), induction furnace with an installed capacity of 0.1 MTPA billet and 12 MW Captive Power Plant. We use both imported and domestic coal in the plant. We have also planned to expand and have the target to start a (1 x 350) and (1 x 600) TPD DRI Plant in the upcoming years.

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Private Freight Terminal for shipment

In Jan, 2017 the company implemented the concept of Private Freight Terminal (PFT) for transportation of raw materials and finished goods, to minimize the transportation cost and ensure an improvement in the bottom-line, providing services to other companies in the vicinity. Private Freight Terminals are such multimodal logistic hubs with facilities like CFS (Container Freight Services), warehousing and sufficient space for stocking and other related activities. The PFT has six Loading/Unloading Platforms consisting of two Over-Head Electrification Line & one Non-OHE Line to handle the crane consignments.

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